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NR Pusat Diagnostik

X-ray & Ultrasound

Chest x-ray Fomema

1 view RM5

CXR showing a small 3mm granuloma in the left upper zone


KUB / Abdomen / Pelvis

1 view RM10

KUB showing a left staghorn calculus

Paranasal sinuses

2 views  RM15

3 views  RM20

OM view showing bilateral air-fluid levels consistent with acute sinusitis



Post-micturition film showing a small 3mm left VUJ calculus causing complete obstruction



Mammogram showing a well-defined mass in the lower quadrant. US confirmed it is a cyst.

CT scans

1 part RM100

Whole body RM150

CT scan showing a thymic tumour in a 59 year old man



PETCT of Dr Rahman!


Chest x-ray Non-Fomema

1 view RM8

CXR done for RME showing a RMZ pulmonary nodule in an asymptomatic  patient

Skull & spine

2 views  RM15

3 views  RM20

Lumbar spine x-ray showing compression fracture L2 following a fall on the buttock


2 views  RM15

3 views  RM20

both joints RM25

Hand x-ray showing complete amputation of terminal phalange middle finger in  a patient with industrial accident




HSG showing blocked right fallopian tube in a 31 year lady with secondary infertility

Ultrasound reporting  RM30

Ultrasound kidney showing a 1cm stone at the lower pole




MRI showing a 4cm meningiomain a 42 year old lady with frequent headache



a.        To use our reporting services, you will need to open an account with us.

b.       Call 03 5518 4930 for an application form and instruction.

c.        You will be given a username and password that is unique to your clinic only. Our portal    

d.       Before sending the films, you are requested to key in the patient particulars into the portal.

e.       Once we receive the films, we will double check the entries to ensure the right films are
    being sent.

f.         Once matched, the films are ready for reporting.

g.        Our radiologist will report into the portal. Once completed, you may log in again to check
     the status and print the report.

h.       All non-Fomema films will be sent back to your clinic.

i.         For Fomema films, you have the choice of either to be sent back to clinic or despatch to
. The latter is our complimentary service.

j.        For digital images (x-rays and ultrasound), the procedure is much simpler.

k.        Just log in to our portal using the given username and password. Choose digital images
     and attached the files accordingly.

l.         All images should be in jpg format.

m.       The system will alert our radiologist that there is a digital image to be reported.

n.       Once reported, similarly you may log in and print the report.

o.        Please call for assistance for anything you aren’t sure.




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